Social Manager Error - 1

Social Manager App Error - 12/18/18 @ 12:47 pm

Controller: Welcome

Action: index

Status Code: 1

Error Message: Error reading session data.

Line Number: 324

Please wait a moment and try again. If you continue to experience this error please tweet @SocialManagerIO, or create a support ticket.

Simple scan system.
It's almost too easy.

Set it and forget it. Start a scan and your account is protected 24/7, bots and spam account are blocked automatically.

Social Manager Scan Page

Social Media Support

The follower protection system works by actively scanning and blocking bot/spam accounts. Whitelist friends or customize the scan to target acocunts your having an issue with.

We currently only support Twitter but plan to expand to any and all platforms that have a demand for helper scripts, scans, or bots. If you have idea, feel free to contact the team at [email protected].



Thanks for the Great job
(it helps me to remove more than 4000 faked Followers in my other account )


@SocialManagerIO it all went through and worked perfectly! Thank you!


@SocialManagerIO Great anti-spam tool.

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